The Rubber Roofing Experts Your Lexington, KY, Home Needs

Rubber roofing can be extremely beneficial for any home, and when you want to experience the advantages for yourself at your home in Lexington, Kentucky, BACK Construction should be your first call. We have done roofing work throughout Central Kentucky since 1991, developing experience doing jobs of all sizes—whether full-scale installations or minor repairs—with a wide variety of roofing types.

Why Choose to Invest in Rubber Roofing?

Rubber roofing is a unique choice that homeowners tend to enjoy thanks to its practical advantages. While it may not deliver the same breathtaking look that asphalt shingles might, a rubber roof can still suit a home’s aesthetic and provide a wealth of benefits, including:


The rubber used in rubber roofs is often recycled, which on its own is a plus for the environment. But beyond that, the material is conducive to enhanced energy efficiency at your home. It effectively reflects UV rays, blocking heat transfer and allowing your home’s HVAC system to more easily maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, which saves energy and money in the long run.


Rubber roofing is perhaps best-known for its exceptional lifespan, as it can last 30 to 50 years thanks in large part to its weather resistance. It can hold up impressively well against heavy rain, strong wind, hail, and other elements, as well as other potential hazards such as fire.


Rubber roofing is pliant, allowing it to be installed in areas where asphalt shingles may not work. Plus, its flexibility plays into its ability to withstand impacts that would likely be catastrophic for other roofing types.

If you’re interested in a rubber roofing project or you need a repair at your home in Lexington, contact BACK Construction today.

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