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February 2018

Design – Build vs General Contractor

Which will you choose for your upcoming
project? It’s the first major decision
you’ll have to make and we can help
you decide!


A great remodel shouldn’t start with construction,
design must always come first. BACK Construction
is proud to offer a full-service design team,
in house. We are the epitome of what a design-build
firm is all about.
From start to finish our design team works
hand in hand with our Sales and Production
teams to ensure a beautifully crafted, up
to code, quality space. When hiring a general
contractor, you will find a natural disconnect
between carpenter and an outside designer
or architect. When your entire teams work
side by side, communicating through the entire
journey the opportunity for mistakes is diminished.
You will be allowed to enjoy the process
of creating your new home, rather than being
the middle man between design and construction.
When having a single point of contact you
decrease the possible miscommunication. Just
like the game of “telephone”, receiving passed
down information is almost always inaccurate.
Inaccurate information during a construction
project can be detrimental to a project’s
schedule, budget and design. Your project
designer along with the Sales and Production
team will make sure every single detail is
met and the final product is just how you
envisioned it.

The quality of work isn’t the only benefit
when choosing design-build. Our design team
is also an extension of our sales department;
they are imagining, selecting and creating
your project with the budget in mind. When
sales and design are under the “same roof”
there are less chances of coming in over
budget. The designer knows exactly which
materials will fit the budget and clients
personal style. Your project designer will
have already scoped out and provided options
to you that meet all the needs of your personal
project. Selections can be overwhelming and
nerve-wracking, but our design team does
all the hard work for you, leaving you with
a much more enjoyable experience.

Frankly, design-build is the only way to
go when embarking on a home remodel. BACK
Construction offers “top of the line” quality
services, literally from start to finish.
If you’re interested in learning more, please
fill free to reach out!


W I N T E R T I P S :
Door & Window Drafts

Its been bitter cold in the Bluegrass this
winter and your utility bills have probably
seen the affects of low temps. The most
beneficial tip to “winter proofing” your
home is proper insulation around windows
and doors. If you think your feeling
cold air around your windows and doors
follow these tips.

Weatherstripping is probably the most
easiest way to help keep your home warm
during the winter. Weatherstripping is
a product that seals air leaks around
openings like windows and doors to keep
cold air out and warm air in! All windows
and doors should have the proper weatherstripping
and over time it will need to be replaced.

Its also important that each window and door
is insulated properly behind the trim.
Lots of unwanted air comes from openings
you cant always see. There are special
products available to provide the best
insulation specifically for doors and
windows, providing the tightest seal.
Even the best high-performance windows
and doors wont be effective without the
proper insulation around it.

BACK’s Handyman department is equipped to
properly insulate all your windows and
doors. Insulating can be a daunting task
for a homeowner, professional help will
ensure your “winter proofing” was done
properly and the correct materials were
used. Our team can investigate your home
and offer services to the areas that
need attention. As always we build it
BACK better.

Are you feeling the cold draft? Tired of
paying high utility bills? Our handymen
are here to help! Request a consultation

Our design team shares the hottest trends
and products for your h


We are in love with Brizo’s Litze Kitchen & Bath Collection, especially in the new Luxe Gold finish. The Litze collection
offers a modern industrial take on the arts &
craft movement. Its showcases a classy way to
bring a little “bling” into your space.

My favorite design element of the Litze Collection
is the option of knurling. Knurling gives an
elegant texture to the fixture, offering such
a high-end feel to any kitchen or bath. Gold
accents are definitely one of the hottest trends
in home design right now and Brizo has created
this sexy satin finish, Luxe Gold. It takes the
idea of gold fixtures to a whole new level. When
exploring the design element of gold finishes
its important to keep the style clean and modern,
not “hello 80’s” but this finish is absolutely
the modern day brass. Its matte and luxurious,
staying away from those shiny eyesores of our

-Nicole McDonough, Senior Designer


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