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Room Additions

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Do you or your family members complain everyday about having to wait to use the bathroom, feeling crowded in the kitchen, or not having enough space for all of your belongings? If you or your family has grown tired of your limited space, it may be time to consider a room addition or multiple additions.

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Preparing to Expand

Adding onto your home can seem like a daunting task, and everyone has seen a home with an addition that looks out of place. However, with this helpful guide you can gain some much needed space, while ensuring your home doesn’t have an awkward growth coming out the side of it.

When you decide to add-on to your home, it’s essential to hire the right contractor. When making that selection, it’s not only about the reputation, it’s also about the rapport you feel with them. After all, you will be working with one another for some time, depending on the scope of the project. At BACK Construction, we are here to make you feel at ease about the entire process.


Blending Your Addition’s Materials with Your Home’s

The biggest hurdle to overcome with any room addition is to make it look like it’s not an addition. A room addition should appear as though it was originally part of your home, not something you tacked onto it. The lines and design of both the interior and exterior of your home must coalesce with your new addition. One way to achieve architectural cohesion with your home is to utilize the same design style and materials on your addition that were used on your home. The material used for your roof could be used for your addition, your exterior walls could match and blend, and the perimeter of the home could continue on to the addition.


Another, harder way to tie your addition’s design back into your home is to use different materials than what were used on your home’s interior or exterior. When designed incorrectly, this method of renovation can result in every remodeler’s nightmare: an addition that detracts from your home, rather than enhances your home. A successful method of juxtaposing materials on the exterior of your addition is to use only one material. For example, if your home is red brick, you could build an all wood addition. Just as a sunroom or pergola can mix materials with your home’s materials, an addition can do the same, and the result can be stunning, such as a pavilion that may be part of your home, but feels like its own, separate environment.

Not only must your addition match your home visually, but it has to connect to your home structurally. Whether you’re expanding your kitchen or adding on a brand new room, electrical wires, plumbing, air conditioning, and other utilities of your home must continue in to your addition. Also, don’t feel so tied to the original design of your home that you stifle your creativity or ignore needed updates, such as higher ceilings and more windows.

Scaling Your Addition

Building your addition too high, compared to your home, can lead to the glued-on look, which you want to steer clear of. One large addition can dwarf your home and give away its identity as a new piece of architecture. Breaking your addition up into pieces, such as dividing the roof into parts, can keep your addition from towering over your home.

Raise it up!

If your home is situated on a narrow plot of land, zoning requirements won’t allow you to build out, or you don’t want to lose your prized yard space, your best bet for adding square feet may be to build up. Adding floors to a home requires no additional foundation, so building up can save a lot of money. Building up allows you to incorporate a staircase into your homes design, which opens up a lot stylistic opportunities. Also, additional floors can give you the freedom to rearrange the rooms in your home and keep you from having to go through a kitchen to get to a bedroom, a problem that plaques some one story homeowners.


Stretch it Out

Some people prefer one story homes, aren’t allowed to build up, or can’t make their way up stairs, so building out is a better option for some remodelers. While new foundation must be laid, stretching your home across your property can spread out your design. Instead of having one large structure, you can have a series of interlocking pavilions that either match up or feel like an individual space. You could have an ethereal dining room, with windows covering each wall and even more natural light beaming in from skylights in your ceiling, in one pavilion and a raucous game room in the next. The possibilities are truly endless.


Don’t Forget…

Adding on to your house can take some time, but if you follow these helpful tips, your room addition remodel will go faster and have less hiccups along the way. Not only will this guide help, but BACK Construction and our skilled craftsman are only a phone call away. BACK Construction can assist you with all of your questions or concerns about adding rooms onto your home and can help you with all your renovation needs. Why try to rough it on your own when BACK can have your back? Call BACK Construction today!

If you have questions about remodeling projects, or just want some further tips, feel free to give us a call. Did you know that we also offer handyman services? Because of BACK Construction’s reputation of being the highest quality remodeler in Lexington, Kentucky, many people think we only do large projects. We offer the same quality for small projects as with a large project, because we have the same skilled craftsmen on each and every one. In fact, BACK’s handyman service is an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner.

Contact us today, no matter what size project you have, and we will provide our quality workmanship to handle your project with care. Our team of skilled, professional craftsmen will make sure your project is done BACK better!

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