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Ways to Add Value to Your Home Looking to upgrade your home to impress your neighbors? Attempting to sell a well loved, but well worn home and wanting more money for your next real estate purchase? No matter the reason for wanting to add value to your home, there are several, simple ways to do so.

Roofing Materials by BACK Construction in Lexington, Kentucky

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When it comes to roofing, BACK Construction has you covered [bs_lead]Heads up! Learn more about roofing materials below.[/bs_lead] They shield you and your belongings from inclement weather, invasive creatures, and the harsh rays of the sun… but what roofing material is best for you?

Remodeling a Small Bathroom by BACK Construction in Lexington, Kentucky

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Cramped to Bold: Remodeling a Small Bathroom [bs_lead]Bigger isn’t always better.[/bs_lead] Whether you are remodeling a small en suite or a narrow powder room, the lack of square feet can be cumbersome to design, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn more about remodeling small bathrooms below!

Kitchen Backsplashes by BACK Construction in Lexington, Kentucky

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Kitchen Backsplashes: Completing Your Kitchen [bs_lead]Get less backlash with a Kitchen Backsplash![/bs_lead] Have you ever successfully finished a picture-perfect kitchen remodel, only to spray your freshly painted walls with the sauce from your celebratory spaghetti dinner? With a backsplash, you can avoid disasters like this in the future. Learn more about kitchen backsplashes below!

Room Additions | BACK Construction | Lexington, Kentucky


Room Additions [bs_lead]Expanding Your Mind and Your Home With a Room Addition[/bs_lead] Do you or your family members complain everyday about having to wait to use the bathroom, feeling crowded in the kitchen, or not having enough space for all of your belongings? If you or your family has grown tired of your limited space, it may be time to consider

Before & After – Kitchen Remodeling

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Turning up the heat in the Kitchen [bs_lead]From blah to BAM![/bs_lead] If your kitchen is leaving a bad taste in your mouth, it might be time to remodel! Your kitchen is one of the most highly-trafficked rooms of your house – it should represent a place where people are happy to gather. If you’re looking for information about a kitchen remodel,

Kitchen Remodeling | BACK Construction | Lexington, Kentucky

Pumping Up the Heart of Your Home What room do you make the most memories in? What room makes you most likely to buy a house? Ask anyone these questions, and you’ll likely get the same answer: the kitchen. Food is one of the greatest sources of our memories, and we make long term memories when we’re with people; the

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